Family Blogging Month

When Mr. Avery told us that we would be having a Family Blogging Month I was ready to start commenting right that instant. How it worked was whoever got the most comments from family members & friends would get their own blog. That day when I got home from school I was ready to start getting comments. By the end of the month I had about 47 comments. When I found out I had a blog I immediately started thinking of blog names. Then I thought of Kidding with Kirstyn, and the rest they say is history.

Above is a photo of Mr. Avery’s Family Blogging Month Post.

When receiving comments I always made sure to reply to whoever wrote the comment.

So now that you know how I got my blog, Welcome to Kidding with Kirstyn!

My latest video:

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I hope you like my blog and check back soon because I’ll be adding posts frequently!

*Do you have your own student blog?*
*What’s your favorite part about blogging?*