My Miraculous Birthday Party

For my Twelfth Birthday I decided to have a Movie themed Birthday Party! I invited a few people and we watched movies, did crafts, and I even had a Chocolate Fountain which stained most of my friends’ clothes. (More on that later.)

These are the invites I designed.












Below is a picture of the Chocolate Fountain. One of my friends accidentally dropped a Nerd Candy into the fountain and we watched the Nerd go down into the machine then come back out again. It made a weird noise and stopped. Some of us, fortunately, stepped back thinking it might explode but some stood right in front of it. My friend, Faith, suggested that it might explode.  Then it started to spin and it jumped a little and soaked the floor, most of the candy, and most everyone’s clothes.  My clothes didn’t get chocolate on them at all but most of my other friends had chocolate stains all over their clothing.

After everyone was in new clothes and the floor was cleaned, free, of chocolate, we started the movies.











Here’s a video of My Miraculous Birthday Party:

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2 thoughts on “My Miraculous Birthday Party

  1. Dear Kirstyn ,

    Your blog is really cool, this is the first time I ‘ve been on your blog. Your birthday party looked really fun. Nice, Idea for the Invitation.
    I just got my blog on Friday, My link is .
    Good luck with your blog.
    Ariel (in Mr. Avery’s class)

    • Dear Ari28,
      Thanks so much for the comment! Also, thanks about the invitation, it took me a really long time to make it, but it was really fun to make. I checked out your blog and you’re off to a great start! I really like the name, ‘Ari’s Safari’, it’s really unique and creative! Do you like 6th grade so far?

      ~Kirstyn M.

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