Meowing for my new mascot!

Many people were “meowing for a new mascot.” So they chose one! There was a choice between Skittle and Kitkat. Skittle got three votes but Kitkat got four votes. Both kitties are my favorite but based on the votes Kitkat won!







Shown above is a photo of my new mascot, Kitkat!

Thanks for voting and please enjoy this video!


A Massively Amazing Mascot on PhotoPeach

6 thoughts on “Meowing for my new mascot!

  1. Dear Kirstyn,
    Kitkat is so cute! I am so glad you found a mascot for your blog. I think your videos on the blog are very detailed, and you can tell you took a lot of time on them. I absolutely love your blog. Happy blogging!

    ~ Emma W.

    • Dear Emma,
      Thanks for writing on my blog! I love Kitkat also but I love Skittle too! I try to make my posts and videos very detailed! I hope you like future posts I make!
      Kirstyn M. :mrgreen:

  2. Dear Kistyn,
    I love your new mascot it is so cute. Is it a he or a she, how old is it. I also love the video you made of your cat, I also love the name you picked for it I love Kitkats they are the best. Keep up on you r great blog work.
    You friend,
    Morgan M.

    • Dear Morgan M,
      Thanks for writing on my blog! It’s actually a he. Kitkat is about 1 year old. Actually, I didn’t pick Kitkat’s name my sister did. Originally I wanted to name him Reese but we named him Kitkat.
      Kirstyn M.

  3. Dear Kitkat,
    Congratulations you won the spot for the mascot! That is so cool that you won I love cats. I have a cat named Guster after the band. He is a rag doll cat he is a cool cat. Right now he is 5 years old and still acts like a kitten. Great job keep it up.

    • Dear Morgan M,
      Thanks for writing on my blog! I love Kitkat too! I bet you’re cat is super cute! I love ragdolls because they have very long fur!
      Kirstyn M.

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