My Miraculous Birthday Party

For my Twelfth Birthday I decided to have a Movie themed Birthday Party! I invited a few people and we watched movies, did crafts, and I even had a Chocolate Fountain which stained most of my friends’ clothes. (More on that later.)

These are the invites I designed.












Below is a picture of the Chocolate Fountain. One of my friends accidentally dropped a Nerd Candy into the fountain and we watched the Nerd go down into the machine then come back out again. It made a weird noise and stopped. Some of us, fortunately, stepped back thinking it might explode but some stood right in front of it. My friend, Faith, suggested that it might explode.  Then it started to spin and it jumped a little and soaked the floor, most of the candy, and most everyone’s clothes.  My clothes didn’t get chocolate on them at all but most of my other friends had chocolate stains all over their clothing.

After everyone was in new clothes and the floor was cleaned, free, of chocolate, we started the movies.











Here’s a video of My Miraculous Birthday Party:

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Happy Birthday to a Great Teacher!

Most people have heard of the famous teacher/ part time rapper, Mr. Avery, right? He has an educational blog that he originally hosted a comment contest on. He actually gave me this awesome blog! His Birthday was on Saint Patrick’s Day. (A lucky day in Ireland.) This is a video for my awesome tacher for Math and Science. Give it up for Mr. Avery!

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Hope you enjoyed the video and I wish Mr.Avery a happy Birthday!

Powerful Poetry

In English Language Arts we are currently learning about poetry. We read different poems and answered questions about them. We also found out that there are many different types and techniques of poetry. Different poets like to use different techniques and they develop a writing style. One technique is when a poet uses repetitive phrases, sentences, or even words. They repeat certain important pieces of the poem again and again to make that sentence or phrase noticeable.
This Poem shows an example of repetition:

Another Poetry technique is personification. When a poet uses personification they give human-like qualities to an inanimate object. They could say a tree sleeps for the long snowy winter. This gives the human-like quality of sleeping to an inanimate object such as a tree.

I love to read and write poems and I think it’s a great way to express yourself in a unique form of art. There are also many other styles of poetry but that’s just one of them. The key to writing poetry is to find your writing style and use it to make your poem different and unique.

Have fun writing your own poems and reading them too!

Meowing for my new mascot!

Many people were “meowing for a new mascot.” So they chose one! There was a choice between Skittle and Kitkat. Skittle got three votes but Kitkat got four votes. Both kitties are my favorite but based on the votes Kitkat won!







Shown above is a photo of my new mascot, Kitkat!

Thanks for voting and please enjoy this video!


A Massively Amazing Mascot on PhotoPeach

Family Blogging Month

When Mr. Avery told us that we would be having a Family Blogging Month I was ready to start commenting right that instant. How it worked was whoever got the most comments from family members & friends would get their own blog. That day when I got home from school I was ready to start getting comments. By the end of the month I had about 47 comments. When I found out I had a blog I immediately started thinking of blog names. Then I thought of Kidding with Kirstyn, and the rest they say is history.

Above is a photo of Mr. Avery’s Family Blogging Month Post.

When receiving comments I always made sure to reply to whoever wrote the comment.

So now that you know how I got my blog, Welcome to Kidding with Kirstyn!

My latest video:

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I hope you like my blog and check back soon because I’ll be adding posts frequently!

*Do you have your own student blog?*
*What’s your favorite part about blogging?*